About Us

We have commenced providing our services in 1994 as a subsidiary of Nuri Baylar A.S. As Baytek-Baylar A.S., we conduct business in the furniture industry as a supplier company for 23 years. We adopted working with well-organized leader establishments worldwide committed to its principles and leader in technological advancements as a principle. We sell our imported products; G-PET and PVC folios for profile wrapping, G-PET and PVC folios for Vacuum and Membrane Press, PVC sidebands and Acrylic surface folios to the furniture industry. As Baytek-Baylar, our goal is to assist our valued customers engaging in this industry with supplying the optimal production techniques and material procurement in line with ourexperience as well as the support of Nuri Baylar Makine A.S., the primary business activity of which is Woodworking Machinery.


Manolya BAYLAR