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We pioneer all innovations with the importance we give to innovation and R & D

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We represent our country proudly by importing most of our products

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20 We combine our products with more than 20 years of experience and present them to you

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"Our goal is to fulfill this mission: to reach the standardization (service, product quality) and compete with the world within the framework of profitability, productivity and efficiency principles, to be effective and efficient, To be a firm that can measure success with customer satisfaction and produce fast, efficient and quality solutions to customer needs.

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Continuous development, innovative, rational and systematic work, equality in management, transparency, accountability and sustainability of responsibility are the main points of our modern work approach, focused on quality and reliability, that our servant responds to the real needs of our customers. To create a culture of institution or corporation that integrates high moral values with corporate identity and is called 'Confidence'.

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Career Opportunity

Continuing to work continuously in recruitment, promotion, performance appraisal, career planning and training processes, with the fact that the organization's growth strategy and the restructuring it has undertaken have been based largely on human resources in achieving successes and objectives. If you want to become a part of this family, we are waiting for your CV to info@baytek-baylar.com.tr 

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